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Sally-Dog LOVES to go for rides. I ran across this picture awhile back and I've been trying ever since to get the same results. I've gotten close, but I swear that little mutt has velcro on her feet.

Sally thinks it's her right to ride shotgun. If I put her in the back of the truck, she stands at the rear glass shooting ESP waves at the window, willing it to slide open. Of course, eventually I can't stand seeing those imploring eyes in my rearview mirror and I reach behind to release the catch. Quick as a flash, she's through the opening and sitting smugly in the passenger seat waiting expectantly for the side window to open so she can stick her nose into the wind.

That's when I tap the brakes. Fancier footwork I've never seen from man nor beast. Somehow she manages to shuffle her paws around so that she maintains perfect balance and rarely has to pull her head back into the cab while readjusting.

So I step on the gas. Hard. Once I managed to throw her back into the seat like a butterfly pinned on glass. Someday the ASPCA is going to catch up with me.

I think the fun is over, though. A few days ago I put this picture on as my screensaver. I've caught Sally studying it intently a couple of times. I think she's discerned my secret plan. Yesterday she made the round-trip run to the store in the bed of the truck and never once asked to ride shotgun.


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