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   Great Pyrenees
Parents Bailey & Barkley
Bishop has really come into his own. He is still goofy. Loves to run and jump. The last few days we have been building a fence for our garden. And we've just been letting Bishop roam and have fun. He really surprised me. Usually he runs off and we have to chase him. And through 10 acres of tall grass and trees it's not fun. Well, instead of running and roaming he stuck close and just relaxed. Guarding and protecting us from whatever he deemed dangerous. It was amazing.  He still likes to ram his head into everyone's crotch. We have learned how to avoid getting hurt. Hahaha. He and one of our barn cats like to hunt mice together. So I am pretty sure he is part cat. He likes to play with the mice until it dies and then tosses it to the barn cat and she eats it. He is one amazing dude and I love him so very much.
Vanessa D.

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  Our Families
Parents Shelby & Barkley
At 5 months, Boss is really coming along with his farm duties, particularly staying with the sheep. He follows them from pasture to pasture and stays about 10 feet away keeping an eye on them. When the sheep head back to the barn area, he lags behind until the last stragglers get down there before he comes down. This morning a couple of the lambs went on the banks of the lake and got separated from their Mama's, of course they started crying. Boss ran down to investigate and nudged the little lambs up the hill and back to their Mama's, then returned back to rest under the shade tree a few feet away.
Bryan & Mackie G.

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Boss 13 months
Lillie B
Parents Pebbles & Johnboy
I wanted to reach out and say thank you again for selling us Savannah (now renamed "Lillie B") this past May!  She has been such a great addition to our family.  She was initially a bit timid but quickly bonded with our other two dogs.  She is great with children and was exceptionally easy to train.  She does not wander and sticks close to our property boundary.  She's very bright and has a great sense of humor.  She is almost 120 lbs. already, so a big girl though slender!  We love her so much! She is so beautiful, gentle, and smart. And of course being a Pyr, a hot mess too. I am pretty sure she wallowed in a huge mud puddle early this morning. She was adorably muddy.
Maria W.

Lillie B 14 mos
I thought you might like this picture of Sasha. She loves to prop herself on this wooden spool. I call her bar fly lol. When I get too close she runs to the gate so I had to take it pretty far away. She is something else! Lol
Roxanne D.

Leo 11 months
Taffy & Barkley
Do you have any idea the funny looks you get when you mention that you have a 100lb puppy?  He is such a nut and always looks like he is smiling. I think it's his little mind thinking "what can I get into now?" He has the most beautiful tail I have ever seen!
Amy M.

Jessie is 6 years old now.  She has been such a joy and we love her so much.  Jessie is so gentle and friendly.  She runs free on our 60 acre farm.  It is not uncommon for her to put cows back in their pens for us and she has learned many tricks.  She is such a valuale member of our family.  We love her so much!
Claire S.

Ghost 6 months
Parents Ariel & Barkley
Ghost the great Pyrenees pup. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He is a great guardian of two human boys and he loves it! He loves digging, and barking
Jaime S.

Creedence (Edy) & Clementine (Emmy)
I just wanted to send you a little update on the two puppies.  They are doing great.  They are healthy,, strong, great watch dogs but very loving to all of us including the grandkids.

We've been very happy with the experience of having them and now that they are almost eight months old I thought you might like to see pictures of them.

Thanks again for all of your help!!
Linda C.

Ted the Furry Blanket
Ted had been a wonderful addition to our family. We are new to the concept of the LGD and their role on our hobby farm.  He has a wonderfully gentle spirit however is instinctually aware of everything going on in and outside of the home. He is very smart and has trained easily. We call him our gentle giant and passionate protector.
Theresa C.
Cheyenne & Dakota
We love our Great Pyrenees! They are great protectors of our livestock-horses, chickens, ducks, and even cats! We haven't lost any animals since we got them 8 months ago; we were losing a chicken or duck about once a month before they came. They bark and run at anything unfamiliar on our land--hawks, bobcats, dogs, and even some butterflies in early spring!  Yet, these dogs are so gentle and loving. They greet the mailman and UPS with affection. They are great companions and are fun to play with. 

Loretta is a great breeder and is an incredible resource before, during, and even months after you have your dogs. She knows her stuff and I feel comfortable knowing she will help us with whatever we need to know or do with our dogs in the future. 
Karen W.

Bonnie & Bella
Thought you might want to see how Bonnie and Bella have grown. Not the best photo - they don't sit still very much. They are good girls and took care of our armadillo problem within weeks of their arrival. They currently enjoy eating, playing with our boys, eating, chasing possums and racoons, eating, snuggling with our cats, and eating
Ashley P.

I have to tell you what a gift Ruger is. He is so perfect. It is so interesting to watch him... most times he lays between me and anything, like we burned the box spring and he knew it was bad so he laid between me and the fire and watched. Yet my husband will play w him and pet him and then Ruger runs right to my lap as if to say please tell him I'm not that kind of dog. Lol. So i can't wait to see how our relationship changes over the next year. Thank you so much for my amazing Angel gift. You have no idea what he means to me already.
Lori B.

Bella is thriving! This past January Bella gave birth to her first litter of pups. She had six total.. She is tremendous poultry livestock guardian dog while also being a gentle pet when she needs to be :)! We are very pleased with her & love her dearly!
Vanessa M.

Brie & Cam
We love our Pyrs! We purchased a couple of pups from you in 2012,  Brie and Cam.  They are just wonderful and the most loving dogs I have ever seen.
Ana K.

Cheyenne is 10 months old and thinks she is only 20 pounds but right at 70 now.  Will sit right on the kids or me with not a care in the world.  One lucky pup is all I know.  We love her so much.
Michelle G.