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   Great Pyrenees
Aren't Great Pyrenees supposed to be white?  When Great Pyrenees puppies are born, they can be white or have badger markings.  Their coats are white and can have varying shades of gray, red (rust), or tan around the face (including a full face mask), ears and sometimes on the body and tail. As Great Pyrenees mature, their coats grow thicker and the longer colored hair of the coat often fades on those dogs that were not born completely white. Sometimes a little light tan or lemon will appear later in life around the ears and face. Being a double-coated breed, the undercoat can also have color and the skin as well. The color on the eye rims should be jet black.  Grey or tan markings that remain lend the French name, "blaireau," (badger) which is a similar grizzled mixture color seen in the European badger. More recently, any color is correctly termed "Badger".
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How much do you charge for a puppy? We breed Pyrenees because we love having our pack around, nurturing new puppies and watching them grow.  Our main concern is covering the bills for dog food and veterinary care, and finding our puppies the very best home possible.   Your CKC registered puppy will cost $400, or an AKC registered puppy is $700 and each includes unlimited registration, a vet check, worming and first puppy shots.  We want you to be happy with your new family member, and will be available in the future if you ever have questions or concerns.
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What is the difference between CKC and AKC registration? Both AKC, (American Kennel Club) and CKC, (Continental Kennel Club) are companies/clubs that register purebreds. AKC has more qualifications that have to be met in order to register a purebred than CKC.
AKC requires that both the dogs Sire and Dam are also AKC registered.  This practice means that the blood line goes all the way back to when the breed was first recognized by AKC. This assures purity but many bloodlines have been lost over time as not all people who buy an AKC puppy will complete the registration.
CKC does not limit their registry to a specific blood line, but purity still has to be proven for both parents. Unfortunately, for many purebred dogs, their paper trail has been lost yet they are good examples of their breed and worthy of contributing to the gene pool for their particular breed. CKC allows registration dogs that are known purebreds whose registration papers with another registry have been lost, destroyed, or stolen.
Both clubs may have to undergo validity checks, inspections, and follow rules and guidelines, but they each have different fee requirements and offer different services.

How can I reserve a puppy?  Our puppies sell very quickly, so we do not require a large deposit.  $100 will hold the puppy of your choice until it is ready for delivery.  Deposits can be made through PayPal.