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I went to pick up Lilybell, my future milk cow, and it was so cold out I hated to transport a baby anything in the bed of a pickup. I still had a tarp and straw behind the seat in the extended cab from transporting goat kids last night, so.....Well, you know me. My truck has already been anointed with potbelly pig poop, chicken poop, and goat poop. What's a little cow poop going to hurt?
 I wonder why no one ever asks me for a ride?
You should have seen the expressions on the faces of fellow motorists. One guy zipping by me on the highway slammed on the brakes, craned his neck around, and waited for me to catch up for another look. Others just plain laughed out loud while Lilybell hung her head into the front seat beside me to watch where we were going, like a very big, faintly fragrant dog.

October 27, 2012